3473: Team Sprocket

3473: Team Sprocket

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“It’s the closest to ‘real-world engineering’ as a student can get.”

Our History

3473: Team Sprocket was created in 2011 and participates in the FIRST ® Robotics Competition (FRC) annually. FIRST inspires younger generations to pursue future careers in STEM fields by promoting innovation and professionalism through robotics competitions. Competing teams are given six weeks to design and build a robot from scratch based on the game challenge. Members of Team Sprocket acquire not only knowledge in the STEM fields but also important lifelong skills such as teamwork, leadership, and time management.

Team Sprocket strives to improve every year, and this past season we reached a new milestone in our team’s history. At the Orange County Regional, Team Sprocket earned a wildcard to attend the 2017 FIRST ® Championship in Houston, Texas. Our business team was able to raise enough money with the help of our sponsors to take the team to Houston. Our engineering team dedicated additional time to ensure the robot was competition ready, and after many rounds of vigorous competition, we placed as quarterfinalists. By attending the 2017 Championships, we were able to meet and learn from teams from all over the world. Members had the chance to attend workshops, visit booths hosted by high-ranking companies, and network. This once in a lifetime opportunity allowed our members to learn, grow, and bring back knowledge to apply and share in their lives and communities.

From constructing an entire program to independently running a nonprofit organization, each and every member obtains expertise to become a engineer and/or entrepreneur in the evolutionary 21st century.

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Our Mission

3473: Team Sprocket’s mission is to create opportunities for members to go above and beyond conventional school education. To fulfill this mission, the team provides opportunities for members to explore different career paths ranging from various engineering to business fields. Members brainstorm and craft unique prototypes, attend informative and interactive workshops, and collaborate with professionals and peers who share similar interests. Our members apply and learn both engineering and business skills to successfully coordinate a team. During the experience, members proceed towards positive growth in their areas of interest as well as aid others in broadening their perspectives in future endeavors. In addition, Team Sprocket strives to meet the gold standard of “gracious professionalism” through dedication of time and effort to not only help fellow FRC teams but also inspire the community in the fields of STEM.

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“To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.” -Dean Kamen, Founder

Students who participate in FIRST competitions are not merely expected to be professional and innovative, but also well-rounded people with life skills including self-confidence, communication, and leadership. Students develop critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities when they are confronted with technical and financial obstacles. Therefore, an experience in a FIRST Robotics team and competition is viewed as valuable by many college scholarship programs. FIRST offers a variety of opportunities: from professional mentorship to scholarships.

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